Friday, May 11, 2007

At 8:00 am, we started to hand out leaflets at Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Main Building No.1. In addition to Ms. Kawarai and I, as many as thirteen people kindly showed up.

Among those was Mr. C, who had sent me a passionate letter of support last year. This was his first time joining us in the leaflet distribution. Ms. D was here for her second time. She and I only met last month, but she was quick to join us in this campaign. Mr. E took a day off from his work and participated. Thank you very much to all.

This activity of distributing leaflets and campaigning for our cause week after week would not have been possible without the support of these people who have taken their time to come out here. I really appreciate their support.

After distributing leaflets, we printed out and sent out our newsletters.

The House of Councilors' Special Committee for Research on the Constitution passed a bill to establish procedures for a national referendum to revise the Constitution. Again, the House of Councilors did not fulfill its function. Japan is taking the first step toward a "country that can wage wars" by getting rid of the second clause of Article 9.

After WWII, teachers' unions, which I belong to, made a resolution that we would "never send our students to battlefields again." To what extent are we aware that the current situation can be seen as equivalent to "sending students to battlefields"? To what extent do we recognize that the mind set of coercing and punishing teachers regarding the issue of "Kimigayo" is the same as that of "sending our students to battlefields"?

Since Golden Week holidays, the weather has gotten warmer. It has made it much easier to stand outside and do what I need to do.