Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Went to Minamiosawa Gakuen School for Children with Special Needs.

When I arrived at the school at 7:40 this morning, Mr. Kondo was already there. After a while, Ms. N, a member of Vancouver Save Article 9 arrived, as she had informed us before. She lives in Vancouver, and had temporarily come back to Japan. Three of us welcomed students. Mr. Kondo, as usual, handed a sealed statement of question regarding my treatment to the principal. How would he reply to it?

Ms. N said that she had gotten to know "Kimigayo Fukiritsu" on the Internet and organized a film showing in Vancouver. Both visual images and the Internet have great power. I received a letter which one of the participants of the film showing had asked Ms. N to deliver to me. I was so moved by the letter and was grateful for the thoughtfulness of the person who wrote it.

Today I had two other visitors. While answering Ms. N's earnest questions, I greeted to the students who went for an outside class and came back afterwards. In the afternoon, I took Ms. M, who visited here for the first time, to the coffee shop in the park. The first-grade students of the high school took our orders and brought us drinks. It was their first day of practical training. Each student was working very hard, and my drink tasted special looking at those students.

Shortly after the visitors left, it was time to go home for the students. As I was writing down something, I heard a voice. When I looked up and said hello clearly, the student looked convinced and thoroughly expressed his feeling. Does it mean "I'm your friend," or "I will accept you"? Mr. A who had become quite close to me called me "Nezu Kimiko sensei!", and raised his hand to say good-bye. Some students shook hands with me. Mr. B, a graduate of this school, and I chatted standing up. Some students read my placards. For the past three months, I have gotten acquainted with many students by "going to work" at the school gate. Good-bye until September.